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Clearance Serve

Dec 07 at 11:12pm
Category: Tennis Serve
A great drill to teach players how to "hit up" on the serve.

Concrete Feet Serve

Dec 01 at 9:58pm
Category: Tennis Serve

Figure 8 Serve

Dec 07 at 11:15pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Here is great drill to get more fluidity on the serve.

Finish to the right for a more effective spin serve

Dec 07 at 11:16pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Many players have difficulty pronating on their serves. This drill is great for teaching players how to serve like the pros.

Foot Position on Serve

Dec 07 at 8:43pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Do you understand how your feet should be positioned when serving? Here is a great way to learn.

Get out on your serve

Dec 07 at 11:18pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Explode out into the court on your serve for more racquet head speed and to take time away from your opponents.

Isolation Serve

Dec 07 at 11:19pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Here are two great drills to improve your serve. Isolate the player's serving arm by making their feet stationary. Players improve their toss and get better racquet speed.

Javelin Serve Tip

Dec 07 at 11:20pm
Category: Tennis Serve
There is a lot you can learn from throwing a javelin. Watch this video to learn how.

Serve into the body

Dec 07 at 11:22pm
Category: Tennis Serve
What do Mike Tyson and Rafael Nadal have in common? They know how to use body shots to force errors from their opponents.

Serve over court divider

Dec 07 at 11:23pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Clear with no fear. This drill teaches players how to hit up with topspin on the ball.

Skeet Serve

Dec 07 at 11:25pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Ever seen skeet shooting? Here is great drill to get players hitting up on their serves.

Step 1 Serve

Dec 07 at 11:26pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Do you have a routine on your serve?

Step 2 Serve

Dec 07 at 11:27pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Pistol Pete knew how to "Rock."

Step 3 Serve

Dec 07 at 11:29pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Get the scissors out on this step.

Step 4 Serve

Dec 07 at 11:30pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Step #4 on the serve. Keep it simple. Toss, shoulders and legs.

Step 5 Serve

Dec 07 at 11:31pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Step #5 is the final part of the serve. Explode, reach and finish.

The cart before the serve

Dec 07 at 11:33pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Here is neat little trick to get your players moving into the court on their serve.

The Ultimate Kick Serve

Dec 07 at 11:35pm
Category: Tennis Serve
What three components are essential on any Kick Serve? Find out here.

Use more spin on your serves

Dec 07 at 11:36pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Like a good baseball pitcher, use different spins, speeds and locations to make your serve more effective.

Walk and Serve

Dec 07 at 11:37pm
Category: Tennis Serve
Isolate the arm and work on balance with this service drill.