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Ad court forehand attack short ball

Dec 07 at 11:41pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
This drilll adds another dimension to the inside out foreahand drill. When you get a short ball, you are allowed to move in and attack.

Bunt the Ball for Better Contact

Dec 07 at 7:49pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
If players are having a difficult time finding the ball and making good contact, have them try this drill for better success.

Close the Shower Curtain

Dec 07 at 7:51pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
This slow motion video will show you how the pros pull across their bodies on their forehands for more velocity on their groundstrokes. Pretend you are closing the shower curtain.

Deuce court all forehand drill

Dec 07 at 11:50pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
In this pattern, players are only allowed to hit forehands into the deuce court. If a player hits a backhand, their opponent receives 2 points, all other points are worth 1 point. First player to 5 points wins.

Direct the Ball with Your Hands

Aug 05 at 5:52am
Category: Tennis Forehand
This video teaches you how to "find and feel" the ball with your hands. The pros do this better than anyone. The feet are independent of the hands. The player in this video "Kyle Dunn" went on to be top 150 in the US in his recruiting class and received a full scholarship to Valparaiso University in the United States. This drill works!

Forehand Progression 1 of 5

Dec 07 at 9:51pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
In Progression #1, we remove the racquet and have the player "find" the ball with their hand.

Forehand Progression 2 of 5

Dec 07 at 9:52pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
In Progression #2, the player hits with two hands and the "interlocking" grip. All of our junior players learn with 2 hands on the racquet. As they get stronger, they take one hand off.

Forehand Progression 3 of 5

Dec 07 at 9:53pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
In Progression #3, the player puts the index finger of the dominant hand through the throat of the racquet. The player also removes the bottom hand on the take back of the stroke.

Forehand Progression 4 of 5

Dec 07 at 9:54pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
In Progression #4, we teach players the "semi western grip." It's one of the most popular grips on the pro tour and great for beginners.

Forehand Progression 5 of 5

Dec 07 at 9:54pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
In Progression #5, we introduce the Modern Forehand technique.

Get Better Spacing on Your Forehand

Dec 07 at 8:11pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
Are you getting to close to the ball on your forehand? This drill will give you a better perspective on how close you are getting to the ball on your forehand.

James Blake Drill

Dec 07 at 8:45pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
James Blake said that one of the best tips he heard of for loading on his groundstrokes was to pretend that you are sitting in a chair before you hit the ball. What a simple and effective tip!

Pistol Pete Forehand

Dec 08 at 12:37am
Category: Tennis Forehand
Lead by example with this forehand technique.

Progression #1 on the Forehand

Dec 07 at 8:18pm
Category: Tennis Forehand

Progression #2 on the Forehand

Dec 07 at 8:17pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
Here is the next step on developing a great forehand!

Sidespin on Side Shots

Dec 07 at 8:20pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
What kind of spin do pros hit when the ball gets above their shoulders?

Tan and Spin

Dec 07 at 8:22pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
Learn to find the ball and hit up on it for more topspin.