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Blocking at the net

Dec 08 at 12:59am
Category: Top 10 Videos
Can you "block" and "redirect" your volleys? This video is a great example of what can be done when you opponent hits to you with pace.

Doubles 3 ball put away

Aug 05 at 5:58am
Category: Top 10 Videos
Many players have problems closing out points at the net. Use this drill to open up the court and finish points. It gets the player the to understand how to "close" the net and take time and space away from their opponents. It also works on utilizing the entire court. Last but not least, it works on the hitting overheads to the weakest part of any doubles team, the middle of the court.

Drop Shot 101

Aug 05 at 6:05am
Category: Top 10 Videos
One of the biggest reasons players are unable to hit an effective drop shot is because of this. Check out the video.

Finish what you started

Dec 08 at 12:50am
Category: Top 10 Videos
What do the pros do better than anyone on the run? Watch the drill.

Hot Box Singles

Dec 08 at 12:52am
Category: Top 10 Videos
Keep players "HOT" on their toes with this great drill!

Load and Explode

Dec 08 at 12:53am
Category: Top 10 Videos
Why do top players come off the ground when they hit their groundstrokes? Are they jumping on purpose?

No back swing volleys

Dec 08 at 12:54am
Category: Top 10 Videos
Players who take big back swings on their volleys often times have difficulty "finding" the ball. They also have a tendency to over hit and make a lot of errors. This drill will help eliminate a big back swing and give instant feedback.

Point the racquet for better overheads

Dec 08 at 12:55am
Category: Top 10 Videos
How do pros create so much racquet head speed on their overheads? This may be the only time it's polite to point.

The reverse forehand

Dec 08 at 12:56am
Category: Top 10 Videos
Reverse it for more spin.

Throw the edge for better topspin

Dec 08 at 12:58am
Category: Top 10 Videos
In order to generate more topspin on your groundstrokes, you need to get more "vertical" with your racquet. I like to tell my students, "Throw the top edge of their racquet to the ceiling." Notice how the players in this video get vertical and generate