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Alternative to the passing shot

Dec 08 at 12:06am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
An alternative to the passing shot is the low topspin dipper. This shot can be used in doubles as well.

Andre's At The Top

Aug 05 at 5:38am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Here is one reason why Andre Agassi was so successful. He took the ball on the rise. Notice in the video how the players are having to step inside the baseline to hit the ball at the top of it's bounce. Not only are they taking the ball at it's peak but they are also taking time and space away from their opponents.

Chasing down drop shots

Dec 08 at 12:35am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
When running down dropshots, the pros run with the racquet in front. Jason Frausto also demonstrates the "slide and glide" after hitting the return. You see this mostly on clay.

Chin to Shoulder

Dec 07 at 11:00pm
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Often times players end up taking their eyes off of the ball when returning serve. The "chin to shoulder" drill will help eliminate this and make you more effective off of your returns.

Cross court passing shot drill

Dec 07 at 11:44pm
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Good players are able to pass their opponents when they are the run. How can you do this better?

Defending the Overhead Smash

May 07 at 12:56am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
What does a player do when faced with an aggresive overhead?

Dont' be a spectator

Aug 05 at 5:49am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Players can have a tendency to become a spectator after they hit a tennis ball. This drills emphasizes good recovery and increased awareness after you hit. If you think you are moving your feet, think twice. Actually, think three times. Watch the video and you will know what I mean. 

Drop Shot No-No

Dec 08 at 12:22am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Don't drop the match because you did a drop shot no-no.

Give yourself more room

May 07 at 12:58am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Give yourself more room on your strokes for better margin of error and consistency.