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Bear Claw Grip

Dec 07 at 8:24pm
Category: Tennis Grips
The "Bearclaw grip" loosens up a player's grip which allows them to generate more racquet head speed and more topspin.

Choosing The Right Size Tennis Grip

Jan 02 at 12:12am
Category: Tennis Grips
Do you know what size tennis grip Nadal and Federer use? You may be surprised!  This video highlights was size grips the pros are leaning towards and how the right sized tennis grip can help you.

Relax The Grip In Tennis

Jan 02 at 12:25am
Category: Tennis Grips
It is amazing, the looser you are with your grip, the more power you can generate.  Remember, loose muscles work better together.  In this video, I give you some simple tips and references on how to loosen your grip.