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Deuce court short ball attack drill

Dec 07 at 11:51pm
Category: Specialty Shots
In this pattern, players rally crosscourt until a short ball is hit. The player receiving the short ball can now change the direction and attack up the line.

Limbo Tennis

Dec 08 at 12:35am
Category: Specialty Shots
How low can you go? Here is a great way to teach players to come from low to high on topspin.

Lob Off the Dead Run

Dec 08 at 12:23am
Category: Specialty Shots
Can you hit a lob on the dead run? This drill shows you why you need this shot. Your defense and can be your best offense.

Lose the Pinky

Dec 07 at 8:33pm
Category: Specialty Shots
If you are gripping your racquet to tight, take your pinky off of the bottom of the grip to loosen up your grip. Remember, loose muscles work better together.

Opportune time to hit a drop shot

Dec 08 at 12:26am
Category: Specialty Shots
Moving inside the baseline is often one of the best times to hit a drop shot. Especially if you have your opponent off the court.

Overhead Smash Progression

Dec 07 at 8:47pm
Category: Specialty Shots
Here is a great progression to teach your players how to hit a overhead smash!

Passing Shot

Dec 07 at 11:54pm
Category: Specialty Shots
Want to work on passing shots and net play at the same time? The Passing Shot Drill is great because it covers a lot of different shots. It's a timed drill and a great workout!

Pizza is served

Dec 08 at 12:27am
Category: Specialty Shots
What is the proper positioning to hit a great overhead. Get hungry for overheads!

Play at new heights

Dec 08 at 12:39am
Category: Specialty Shots
Are you too tall when you are hitting. Remember to generate power from the ground up. Learn to load and explode!

Pressure the Serve

Dec 07 at 11:06pm
Category: Specialty Shots
Put the heat on your opponents 2nd serve with this drill.

Return Down the Middle

Dec 07 at 11:07pm
Category: Specialty Shots
Return down the middle and deep in singles to establish your timing and confidence early in a match.

Return Serve

Dec 07 at 8:52pm
Category: Specialty Shots
Here are some easy steps to return serve like the pros.

Scissors Kick Overhead

Dec 08 at 12:28am
Category: Specialty Shots
Get the scissors out to cut up the competition.


Dec 07 at 11:57pm
Category: Specialty Shots
Can you scoot?

Serve and Volley Timing

Dec 08 at 12:30am
Category: Specialty Shots
Serve it up and finish at the net. You can now serve and volley.

Shoulder to Shoulder

Dec 08 at 12:40am
Category: Specialty Shots
Catch yourself looking over your shoulder for better strokes.

Stealing Time Drill

Dec 07 at 11:58pm
Category: Specialty Shots
This drill is a great way to teach players how to move inside the baseline and put pressure on your opponents.

Swing in a Silo for better groundstrokes

Dec 08 at 12:41am
Category: Specialty Shots
This drill gives you a great "visual" on the how angular momentum is crucial on the forehand groundstroke. Visualize yourself swinging inside a "silo" for better utilization of your legs, core and shoulders.

Tennis Lob Tip

Jan 02 at 12:16am
Category: Specialty Shots
The lob in tennis can be an offensive shot. Especially if you lob over the backhand side of your opponent.

The 37 Game

Dec 08
Category: Specialty Shots
The objective of this game is to score 3 points individually against the champion before the champ can win 7 points total against the challengers. A great game to keep your players focused and to play game like situations.

The Ultimate Drop Shot

Dec 07 at 9:57pm
Category: Specialty Shots
These four steps are crucial to learning the ultimate drop shot. See what drills help to learn the proper grip, spin and techique for this great shot.

Touch and Go

Dec 08 at 12:31am
Category: Specialty Shots

Walk and Rally

Dec 08 at 12:44am
Category: Specialty Shots
Go for a walk with this drill.

Z Drill

Dec 08 at 12:04am
Category: Specialty Shots
This drill incorporates all the shots. A great cardio drill.