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Approach like a pro when the ball is low

Dec 08 at 12:07am
Category: Tennis Tactics
One shot that is often neglected is the slice approach. Use this shot when the ball is below the net and you want to attack your opponent.

Buy Time Behind the Line

Dec 07 at 8:58pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
If you are playing against someone who is an aggressive player, this drill will help neutralize their power and give you more time to hit your next shot.

Focus on the Good

Dec 07 at 8:35pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Think like a champion. Keep out any negativity in your game. Focus on the positive.

Get Hot Off the Shot

Dec 07 at 9:01pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Do you have a tendency to get "flat footed" when playing. The secret to better footwork may be simpler than you think.

Golden Square

Dec 08 at 12:14am
Category: Tennis Tactics
Learn to pull your opponents off the court by hitting to this area.

Intensity on a scale of 1 to 10

Dec 07 at 8:36pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Can you identify what level of intensity you are playing at? This video will help.

Learn how to moonball

Dec 08 at 12:16am
Category: Tennis Tactics
Learn how to "Moonball" in tennis. In can be a great way for you to get more balls in play and to aggrevate an opponent who has little patience. Remember, the "Moonballer" has the most trophies in the trophy case.

On a dime down the line

Dec 08 at 12:17am
Category: Tennis Tactics
Going down the line in singles can be risky. Here is great way to avoid making mistakes with this shot.

One Lap on Double Faults

Dec 07 at 8:38pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
There needs to be consequences when players are making mistakes. This drill gets players focused and mentally stronger.

Pearl Harbor

Dec 08 at 12:18am
Category: Tennis Tactics
What should a player do when they have their opponent stretched out wide off the court? This drill will show you.

Play smarter off the deep ball

Dec 08 at 12:19am
Category: Tennis Tactics
Many players don't play the deep ball correctly. They try and hit too hard, with little clearance and on the rise. This video will show you how to be more effective off of the high deep ball.

Play Within Yourself

Dec 07 at 8:40pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Don't try and hit the ESPN shot all the time. How can you get better results instantly?

Playing Out Sets

Dec 07 at 9:03pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Play sets to surpass the rest. This video explains why true champions are created in the offseason.

Pros Play with the Edges

Dec 07 at 9:05pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
On your tospin shots, learn how to play with the "edges" of your racquet.

Speed Balls

Dec 07 at 9:06pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Do you want to get your players moving better? Speed balls will do the trick.

Split Step Like Federer

Dec 07 at 9:08pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
It is crucial to "split" before your opponent hits the ball. The pros are great at getting their weight going forward on the return of serve, especially on 2nd serves.

The Drill that creates Champions

Dec 07 at 9:10pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
This is the drill that Oscar Wegner says creates champions! It teaches natural and instinctive movement.

The Three F's in Tennis

Dec 07 at 8:54pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Oscar Wegner's 3 F's are the foundation of any good stroke. John Frausto explains each and how they will elevate your game to the next level.

The tortoise and the rabbit

Dec 08 at 12:21am
Category: Tennis Tactics
This simple tactic can make a big difference in your game.

Time is on your Side

Dec 07 at 9:48pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Do you have anxiety attack when you see the ball come off your opponent's racquet? Dont, you have a lot of time.

Video - Black Hole Drill

May 06 at 11:57pm
Category: Free Tennis Videos, Tennis Tactics
This video demonstrates where the "Black Hole" is located on the court and why it should be avoided in singles.

Watch the Toss

Dec 07 at 11:11pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
Can you determine what your opponent is going to serve. This video will help.