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Assembly Line Drill

Dec 07 at 8:00pm
Category: Tennis Doubles
Here is a great drill that keeps players in constant motion. We have also included a bonus segment to show you how to feed this drill properly.


Dec 08 at 12:47am
Category: Tennis Doubles
Here is a great game that implements both singles points and doubles points. A Topspin Tennis Top 10 Drill!

Down The Middle Solves The Riddle

Dec 07 at 12:21am
Category: Tennis Doubles
This is Rule #1 in Doubles. Attack the middle. See why this tactic is so effective in doubles.

French Fry Shuffle

Dec 07 at 7:43pm
Category: Tennis Doubles
Movement is essential in doubles. This drill demonstrates the importance of diagonal movement of the net person.

Mini Dingles

Dec 07 at 12:10am
Category: Tennis Doubles
It time to get more creative around the net. This drill will make that happen.

No Bounce Doubles

Dec 07 at 12:16am
Category: Tennis Doubles
Teach your players how to be more aggressive in doubles. The ball can't bounce!A key to good doubles is to always move forward and take the ball out of the air. Steal time every time by taking the ball out of the air.

Poach and Play

Dec 07 at 8:50pm
Category: Tennis Doubles
Here is a great way to teach the net person to "attack" and put balls away at the net. If the net person is not winning at least two points per game it's an injustice.

Rescue In Doubles

Dec 07 at 7:46pm
Category: Tennis Doubles
Stay positive and keep things in perspective. Here is one thing the best doubles teams always do.

Return over the net strap

Dec 07 at 11:09pm
Category: Tennis Doubles
For better consistency on your return in doubles, hit over the net strap. This accomplishes three things. One, if gives you a target to aim over. Two, it keeps the ball far enough away from your opponent at the net. Three, you hit over the lowest part

Stone Cold Doubles

Dec 07 at 12:18am
Category: Tennis Doubles
Do you want to get more aggressive in doubles and learn how to play good defense at the same time? Watch the video.

The Winner Game

Dec 07 at 12:20am
Category: Tennis Doubles
This game is one of my all time favorites. I don't know of another game that teaches players how to close out points at the net better than "The Winner Game."