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Ad court forehand attack short ball

Dec 07 at 11:41pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
This drilll adds another dimension to the inside out foreahand drill. When you get a short ball, you are allowed to move in and attack.

Alternative to the passing shot

Dec 08 at 12:06am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
An alternative to the passing shot is the low topspin dipper. This shot can be used in doubles as well.

Andre's At The Top

Aug 05 at 5:38am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Here is one reason why Andre Agassi was so successful. He took the ball on the rise. Notice in the video how the players are having to step inside the baseline to hit the ball at the top of it's bounce. Not only are they taking the ball at it's peak but they are also taking time and space away from their opponents.

Approach like a pro when the ball is low

Dec 08 at 12:07am
Category: Tennis Tactics
One shot that is often neglected is the slice approach. Use this shot when the ball is below the net and you want to attack your opponent.

Assembly Line Drill

Dec 07 at 8:00pm
Category: Tennis Doubles
Here is a great drill that keeps players in constant motion. We have also included a bonus segment to show you how to feed this drill properly.

Bear Claw Grip

Dec 07 at 8:24pm
Category: Tennis Grips
The "Bearclaw grip" loosens up a player's grip which allows them to generate more racquet head speed and more topspin.

Blocking at the net

Dec 08 at 12:59am
Category: Top 10 Videos
Can you "block" and "redirect" your volleys? This video is a great example of what can be done when you opponent hits to you with pace.

Blocking Grip Tip

Dec 08 at 1:01am
Category: Tennis Volleys
When in a defensive position at the net, it's best to use a backhand volley grip. It is the most versatile of the grips and helps tremendously with returning offensive shots.

Bunt the Ball for Better Contact

Dec 07 at 7:49pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
If players are having a difficult time finding the ball and making good contact, have them try this drill for better success.

Buy Time Behind the Line

Dec 07 at 8:58pm
Category: Tennis Tactics
If you are playing against someone who is an aggressive player, this drill will help neutralize their power and give you more time to hit your next shot.

Center Court Tennis Pattern

Jan 01 at 11:57pm
Category: Tennis Drills
The simplest pattern in tennis is to hit down the middle of the court. See why this pattern can be affective and is used frequently on the pro tour.  You take away your opponent's angles and you hit a high percentage shot.

Chasing down drop shots

Dec 08 at 12:35am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
When running down dropshots, the pros run with the racquet in front. Jason Frausto also demonstrates the "slide and glide" after hitting the return. You see this mostly on clay.

Chin to Shoulder

Dec 07 at 11:00pm
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Often times players end up taking their eyes off of the ball when returning serve. The "chin to shoulder" drill will help eliminate this and make you more effective off of your returns.

Chip Off The Return For More Consistency

May 06 at 11:43pm
Category: Free Tennis Videos
To mix things up off of the return, try using a chip return. It's an abbreviated motion off of a harder serve that can be very effective. If can also help keep the ball low at your opponents feet if they serve and volley.

Choosing The Right Size Tennis Grip

Jan 02 at 12:12am
Category: Tennis Grips
Do you know what size tennis grip Nadal and Federer use? You may be surprised!  This video highlights was size grips the pros are leaning towards and how the right sized tennis grip can help you.

Circle Volleys

Dec 08 at 1:02am
Category: Tennis Volleys
Here is great drill to help players develope better volleys and good communication.

Clearance Serve

Dec 07 at 11:12pm
Category: Tennis Serve
A great drill to teach players how to "hit up" on the serve.

Close the Shower Curtain

Dec 07 at 7:51pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
This slow motion video will show you how the pros pull across their bodies on their forehands for more velocity on their groundstrokes. Pretend you are closing the shower curtain.

Concrete Feet Serve

Dec 01 at 9:58pm
Category: Tennis Serve


May 06 at 11:11pm
Category: Tennis Games
Here is a great game that works on utilizing the longest part of the court - the crosscourt shot. Alleys are good in this drill.

Cross court passing shot drill

Dec 07 at 11:44pm
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
Good players are able to pass their opponents when they are the run. How can you do this better?

Defending the Overhead Smash

May 07 at 12:56am
Category: Tennis Game Improvement
What does a player do when faced with an aggresive overhead?

Deuce court all forehand drill

Dec 07 at 11:50pm
Category: Tennis Forehand
In this pattern, players are only allowed to hit forehands into the deuce court. If a player hits a backhand, their opponent receives 2 points, all other points are worth 1 point. First player to 5 points wins.

Deuce court short ball attack drill

Dec 07 at 11:51pm
Category: Specialty Shots
In this pattern, players rally crosscourt until a short ball is hit. The player receiving the short ball can now change the direction and attack up the line.


Dec 08 at 12:47am
Category: Tennis Doubles
Here is a great game that implements both singles points and doubles points. A Topspin Tennis Top 10 Drill!